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About us

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church is located in northeastern side of Cabarrus County.  To understand the congregation, first we explain our location and history.  Our address is Concord, NC but far from the city limits of Concord.  We are in the country side where the fields produce many different types of harvest.  We have crisp clean air, with the smells of nature like a freshly mowed hay field.  Quietness, as you can hear God’s creation all around you in the singing of birds or the wind rustling thru the trees.


The trees, oh yes, the trees. Dense, massive and old, as they tower many feet in the air sheltering the saplings as they grow  These trees, which sheltered our ancestors as they gathered to worship under them over one hundred and thirty-two years ago.


We are located in a small community called Rimer, “Rimertown” to the local folks. Although in the last 132 years we have lost a lot of that wonderful countryside to growth, our Church is still to be considered a “country church” founded by the neighboring farm families.  The Congregation base, currently, are the generations of roots to the area.  There are two main factors of the current congregation that have remained the same all these years.  First, the church is full of large families and second a large portion of active membership resides in the within a 15 mile radius of the Church.


One hundred and thirty two years ago, with the closest Church being over five miles away and the poor condition of roads the need for a community church gave way.  Rimer at that point had a school, post office, two stores, cotton gin, molasses “pan” mill, saw mill, several blacksmiths, and plenty of people.


For the first two years 1879 and 1880 of our Church history, the first sixteen charter members could gather for worship in the Rimer School house or under the trees. Worshipping twice a month, the crowd grew to where the school house could not hold all the members.


The first church building was erected in 1882. In the next several years different Pastors contributed different ideas for our Church’s growth.  In 1896 Prosperity Union Sabbath School (Sunday School) was organized.


The first church building was moved to a new position in 1916. Still only having two services a month and sharing Pastors with nearby Churches, our small congregation was growing.


Over the next thirty years we added onto the Church building, and held weekly services.  On 4/27/1924 the church structure (our second Church building) was re-dedicated with all the new additions. A new wing built and a bell tower ordered from Sears and Roebuck. The new structure housed then, eighty-three members, fifty-nine which were listed active.


Attendance was 102 members in 1910, and 124 members in 1920.  In the next ten years the membership almost doubled, increasing to 232 by 1930. In 1939 our first parsonage was constructed and Prosperity became self-supporting with the services of a full-time Pastor.  Pastor C.F. Kyles became our first full time Pastor in 1941 and made a huge impact on the Church for growth.


During his time with us, we began a building fund to build the current Church structure.  He started Boy Scouts of American Troop 84 during WWII.  He started a youth program Luther League.  Congregational membership grew to 264 members.  After his departure from our Church we continued to grow to 325 in 1950.


In 1953 the Church structure, we are in currently, was dedicated.  Already having services in our new Church, we were 350 confirmed members and 461 Baptized members strong.  The new Church building was full of music with our new Mollar Pipe Organ and chimes.


Music has always been a strong suit of our Congregation.  Talents given to us by God were always given back in the Church.  Christmas musicals have always increased Congregational participation of young and old.  1960’s and 1970’s Christmas Eve programs.  More currently we have held three different years “Singing Christmas Tree”.  Community churches invited to participate.  Elaborate and more modern Children’s Christmas musicals were and are held.


Special Lenten themes which involved groups of people during the whole season are conducted yearly.  The Living Last Supper, a reoccurring event and love of our congregation and visitors alike.  In the near past, we also have held three Good Friday services with music and drama to reenact our Savior’s last hours.


Our Church has a five octave hand bell choir that preformed in competitions during the 1980’s.  Ringing in our Church services and going to other Churches to share the sounds of God’s word.  Currently, the bells are silent with no director.  Plans to ring that great joy, is just a thought and dedication to direct away.


A group of singers from our Church formed “Soldiers of the Cross of Christ” singing group twelve years ago.  They witness to young and old, in many different settings.  They have traveled to the mountains, nursing homes, churches, picnics, and shut-in homes to spread The Word and share His love. With no end in sight, they press forward bringing every soul to Christ they can thru song.


Vacation Bible School is a very popular event of our Church.  The children in the yard would back in the day and will currently, double this VBS week. We incorporate the neighboring non churched and churched children.   Youth groups and programs to keep our youth interested and involved are conducted regularly.  Retreats and functions with congregational support for any youth event have been out pouring over the last 40 years.


The woman of the Church, from the earliest organization to current date, have been very active and strong.  There are various groups or circles, depending on the time era of what they preferred to be called. Every year, we have representation at annual meetings and often the tri-annual meetings. Men as well, from the earliest organization to current have a men’s group and stay involved.

We invite you to come and visit us, worship with us and be a part of our Church family.


Cross of Christ Lutheran Church1949

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church2013

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